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Upcoming & current activities

from 25/04/23 till 01/06/23, City hall of Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Lemanstraat 63 (B): Exhibition "Zacht gedurfd" (Gently daring/Oser la douceur) with works by Winnie Vandeweghe and myself.

from 25/05/23 till the end of June, Boutique Gien in Brussels: Solo exhibition "Éternels éphémères" (Eternal Ephemera)

26/05/23, 8pm, Brussels Conservatory, Live painting at the Brussels Chopin Day piano recital by Charles-Richard HAMELIN

16, 18 & 21/07/23, 10-12 pm, Ghent, Place musette: live painting during concert



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